Terms of Services

The terms and conditions stated on this page govern the rules with regard to the use and disuse of the website “realisticloans.com”, and all the associated applications.

Realistic Loans is committed to help you find the lending or financial solution you need by matching you with a willing lender. We are not a lender and is not involved in the loan approval process. We operate the website and manage the lender matching service found on the website. We do not recommend or endorse a particular lender or loan offer; choosing a loan offer is completely at the borrower’s discretion.

We operate only within the United States and only within those jurisdictions which permit the financial services offered. There may be states in which We are not legally permitted to offer lender matching or other services. It is the user’s responsibility to determine if the services offered by our website are available in their jurisdictions. We are not obligated to offer financial services to users outside the U.S., living in prohibitive jurisdictions, or failing to meet any of the minimum qualifications for loan approval. We also reserve the right to refuse service to any user.

By filling out an online application on our website and submitting it, the applicant is agreeing to disclose the personal information on the application to our website and its financial services partners. The applicant grants permission to Realistic Loans and its financial services partners to use this information to research the applicant’s employment status, credit history, financial assets & liabilities, and any pertinent personal information.

The terms stated in capital letters are for the better understanding of the individuals as these will be used frequently in the documents. The terms and conditions along with the privacy policy make up the legal terms of the company, which is binding on the visitors once they accept the same.

The legal terms are depicted as an agreement between the customer and our website and will be binding on the customers and visitors of the site equally. These terms are subject to change and we do not intimate the same nor take the responsibility of doing so. Instead, we request our visitors and the customers to keep a constant watch on the updates on the website.

Legal terms stated in the website are to be treated as an agreement, which is binding upon the customers. Anyone surfing the site is deemed to be in conformity with the laws applicable and hence any action, which violates the rules, are subject to action as the case may be. Those who do not agree to the terms and conditions are advised not to visit the site for any purpose whatsoever.


The terms “We”, “Us” refer to the website and the company. The term “Visitor” refers to a person who uses the website for their own needs and does not have a registered account for the same. The term “Member” refers to an individual who is registered to our website and accesses the same to receive our services. The term “Service” refers to all the facilities offered by our company or website to its members and visitors. The term “Content” refers to any or all the content, graphics, pictures, study material and video that are available on the website.


As We are only a lender matching service, we are not responsible for disclosing information related to any loan product. Our lenders are required by law to disclose details of the loan product including Annual Percentage Rate (APR), repayment period, principal, total repayment amount and penalties for failure to repay. This information is found in the loan documents and should be carefully examined by the borrower.

Upon approval, a borrower will be redirected to the lender’s website. We do not authorize or endorse any actions, offers or communications between lenders and borrowers once they leave our website. Our network only check liabilities of the company to ensure that our consumers get the best out of best as their lending option. Borrowers are strongly encouraged to carefully read the terms of any loan offer before signing the loan agreement. Borrowers are under no obligation to sign any loan contract.

Once a loan agreement has been signed, it is the responsibility of the borrower to faithfully adhere to the details of the contract. Failure to make payments may result in late fees, raised interest rates, negative credit reports, or other actions. This website does not offer mediation services for disagreements between borrowers and lenders.

The Terms of Service for the operation of the website and supported services is subject to change from time to time. We are under no obligation to provide notice that these Terms of Service have changed. It is incumbent upon all website users to read the Terms of Service prior to each use.

Copyright Issues

The trademark and the logos represented on the website are the property of the company. Other than these logos, content, pictures are all the proprietary of the company and one cannot use them for any other purpose, which may affect the business interests of our company. We are copyright compliant and hence infringement of the guidelines by any shall lead to litigations.

Legal compliance

Our Web site includes several links, which may redirect the visitors to the third party websites. These links have been provided to enhance the user experience in terms of the affiliated services in relation to the loans. However, we do not recommend the usage of these sites and all the rules about the sites are independently governed by them. We do not have any control on the operations of the affiliates and the third parties. We strongly recommend that the users and the visitors should carefully go through the policies, terms, and conditions of the sites before making any financial transactions with them.

In case of disputes we do not hold any responsibility whatsoever of the transactions made by these websites and companies.