How it Works

Realistic Loans is your ideal partner for finding the quick cash loan you need now.

We have built a system that matches you with some of America’s most generous and reliable lenders. Whether you need a loan for short term or much longer, we can help you find a lender that can satisfy your needs. Our easy-to-use application only takes a few minutes to complete. Our automatic lender matching system will instantly transmit your personal information to our financial partners. After analyzing your financial situation, they will provide you with a custom list of loan options.

Our lending partners use the latest technology to determine how large of a loan you qualify for and available repayment options. They will initially check to see if you meet the minimum lending requirements:

  • You have been employed with your current employer for a minimum of 90 days
  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You are a U.S. citizen
  • You have a monthly income of at least $1,000
  • You possess an active checking or savings account

If you meet these qualifications, our lenders will evaluate your financial resources—primarily, your ability to repay a loan. Many of our lenders don’t even consider your credit score, so don’t worry if you have bad credit. Once you are approved, these lenders will then provide you with loan offers, which may vary in amount, period for repayment or Annual Percentage Rate. Unlike banks which can take days or weeks to hear a decision, with Realistic Loans, you can get approval in just an hour or two.

When you receive your loan offers, you should carefully consider them. When you have chosen the offer that best meets your needs, you can sign the loan documents and submit them to the lender. Once all of the paperwork is completed, you can expect your lender to deposit the cash into your bank account within a few hours. Once you have received your loan funds, you can immediately spend it however you like. You can pay off bills, save it, or go shopping!

We know that you need your money fast, so it works only with dependable lenders who offer fast service. If you need additional financial resources, Realistic Loans also offers credit and financial services. Our company was founded on the principle of complete customer satisfaction, so we are confident that you will find the solution for your money problems with us.

Rates and Fees

As one of the leading lender matching services in the U.S., Realistic Loans is proud to offer its services free of charge. You will never be asked to pay for filing an online application on our website. You will also not be charged to find a lender who will approve you for a loan.

Although we work tirelessly to find lenders who provide loans at rock bottom rates, there is still a number of fees that may apply to any loan. Our lenders may attach an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to any loan. This APR is the interest rate at which you will be charged until the principal is paid off.

We offer short term, long term and installment loans. Short term loans are unsecured, i.e. no collateral is used to secure the money, and may be issued with a considerable APR. Long term and installment cash may be issued in exchange for collateral, and typically carry a lower APR.

There may be additional fees applied to a loan. To learn more about these fees, you should carefully read the documents provided by your lender. According to law, your lender is required to include all applicable fees and rates in the loan documents. If you need assistance understanding any of these fees, please contact your lender directly. You may find their contact details on their website or in the documents.

You should understand that if you fail to make a payment or pay off your loan, your lender may penalize you with late charges, raised interest rates or additional actions. In some cases, this may include reporting you to a credit bureau which may result in downgrading your credit score. A lower credit score can lead to higher interest rates on future loans or credit cards.

if you successfully pay off your loan, you may qualify for another money installment with one of our lenders. Successful repayment may also enable you to qualify for bigger money, lower interest rates and more generous repayment terms.

We are one of the leading financial services companies with a sterling reputation for helping borrowers. Although we are not responsible for loan approvals or managing repayment, we are always available to hear your feedback. Thank you for choosing us.