You, our customers are our prized possession and we do all that we can offer a delightful experience to our visitors and members. We are also aware of the increased cases of online fraud and identity theft these days and in order to rise to the situation have adopted the best policies in order to secure the customer information.

Information gathered by us

We offer our customers great flexibility to choose the way they would like to share information with us. This includes offering partial information, complete information including the financial detailing and no information if the customers wish to do so.

We collect information, which is both personal and non-personal for the specific purposes required for the betterment of the site. While you make any transaction or loan request or complete a loan application form or even register with us, certain details like the Name, age, gender, marital status, locality, residence, family, correspondence address , e-mail address and other such information is collected by us.

Anyone visiting the site will find their IP address and the date, duration and the time of login monitored by our website. We hereby declare all these activities are entirely driven towards improving the services to you and are required by the marketing team to collate and analyze the data themselves so that we could come up with new ideas and solutions to meet the customer needs.

How we use your information
Any service request or loan request has a section, which permits us to contact you for the latest promotions and the offers, which are featured on our website by the clients associated with affiliate partners, third parties and us. Your information is taken as a base and you might be contacted via email, messaging and calls. In case you do not require any of the services and do not want to be communicated any further you need to simply email us and we will ensure that these calls and updates stop coming to you.

Your information for the loan request will be shared with different lenders to match your requirements and to get the best offer. This is a part of the services offered by us and hence we would require you to be aware of the same.

Disclosing information

Although we take the complete care of the secrecy of the personal information of our customers, we do not take any guarantee that the information will not be shared with any of the third parties if there is a business reason associated with the same. In addition, in case the information is required by the Government Agencies for an investigation we are bound by the law of the state to share the same with the authorities without your knowledge.

In case there is a legal proceeding against the customer, which comes to our knowledge from any of the law enforcement bodies, we will be bound by the policy to stop you access to the website without any prior notice.


Our list of third party affiliates includes Google, which uses cookies for monitoring the product searches made by the individuals and then serve them with the related advertisements. There are third party vendors associated too, who might be involved in the tracking of the user movement through cookies. These might correspond to reasons of an advertisement or any other related issues. However, we declare that we do not have any control over them and one should exercise personal care while dealing with them.

In case you wish to stop cookies, you will still be able to access our website but there will be certain sections, which you may not be able to access.

Children’s privacy

We do not allow children below the age of 18 years rights to access our website for any purpose. In order to protect the privacy of the minors we discourage any advertisements too which might be targeted towards drawing the attention to the site.

Links to other websites
This website may include links to different websites that have been included for your reference and use. The linked websites will have different privacy policies for which is not responsible. Please review the privacy policies of such websites before you share any personal information with them.

It is to be noted that there are several links to the other websites, which are featuring on our website. We hereby declare that these are simply for the convenience of our customers. These are based on the searches of the clients. We also declare that none of these sites are related to us in anyway and are governed by their separate privacy policy and the terms and conditions. So any of the customers making a transaction on the sites, need to go through the complete details of the sites before making any deal with them.


We keep our website compliant with the latest in the field of online security and the certifications for the same are posted on the website for our customers to check and for their satisfaction.

Modifications and updates

The contents of the privacy policy are subject to change at any point in time and we urge our visitors and members to keep a track of the updates on the website and abide by them.

Last Modified: 10 April , 2017
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