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Did you just search for “I need a small loan right now, loans within one hour” or a similar search phrase? You’re likely looking for an instant loan. Right away, you should know that there are online loans you can obtain in less than one hour if you need cash right away. Learn all about them right here.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

What are 1 hour payday loans?

They are loans granted in one hour. First, you should understand how loan approval works if you need money in a short span of time:

1) You submit your loan application.

2) The lender evaluates your application form including your credit score. They then send you a loan offer stating the interest rate, loan amount, and repayment terms.

3) You complete the rest of the loan steps, for instance, confirming the amount you need to borrow or submitting any documents that the lender may need to verify your income or street address.

4) Signing the loan agreement. You’ll receive a digital copy of your loan agreement that can be viewed using a PDF reader. The lender will provide further instructions on how you’ll open and sign it.

After completing the loan steps in under one hour, the lender will send funds to your account electronically via an ACH payment. It’s quite possible to receive funds on the same day otherwise it may be on the next business day.

How do I get a 1 hour loan?

Applying online is the first option of obtaining your 1 hour loan. You can apply directly, or submit your application through a loan-matching service.

Full Disclosure: Realistic Loans is a matching company. Our free platform connects you to multiple participating lenders. Loan-matching has several advantages including:

  • Save time by applying to multiple loans with one application.
  • Get to save money by receiving and comparing offers.
  • Get enhanced security with a secure and encrypted loan application form.
  • Learn all about your loan option before applying thanks to our free loan guides.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

The second way of getting a 1 hour payday cash loan is by applying at local loan stores. After driving there, you’ll have to submit your application in person along with any documents. At most stores, they ask for personal checks to be made out to the company on your loan’s due date.

When to get this payday loan?

Consider getting a 1-hour online payday loan if you plan to spend the money on pressing emergencies. Though many people borrow these loans to pay for small purchases or groceries, it’s not wise to do so as they have high fees, which makes whatever you want to buy expensive.

Similarly, only borrow these loans if you can repay them and still have enough money leftover to cater to your monthly expenses. Payday loans are still frowned upon since some borrowers fall into debt traps, where they are constantly rolling over their loans month after month.

No hard credit check

“No-hard credit check” is a common feature of payday loans. It just means that the lender will not ask you to authorize a hard check when approving you. It’s advantageous because your credit scores will not be affected.

Advantages and disadvantages of 1-hour payday loans

Advantages of 1 hour payday loans include:

  • Simple and convenient application process.
  • Fast funding with same-day and next-day funding.
  • Get to choose from a wide field of lenders with different approaches to lending.
  • Get funded even with low income ($750 after deductions) or bad credit (scores of less than 620).

One hour payday loans also have disadvantages

They have high-interest rates with the loans costing more than traditional loan products.

Since funds are easily accessible, it might be tempting to misuse the funds.

Are there any guaranteed payday loans?

Applying for 1 hour payday loans no credit check is straightforward thanks to the few requirements, for instance:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Work and receive a paycheck on consistent dates.
  • If not employed, obtain income from other sources such as social security payments.
  • Have an active account, preferably a checking account.

Now, if you meet these requirements, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll qualify for 24-hour payday loans. And how much do you need to be earning to get started with payday hour loans? Well, as little as $750.

Note that while the majority of people who apply with payday loan direct lenders get approved, some people are turned down. It is perfectly reasonable because these companies try to protect themselves from making bad loans that will result in losses. It is also the reason they charge higher interest rates on their payday loans. They can still remain profitable even if several loans can’t be recovered.

Can I get a loan with pay stubs?

Having paystubs is actually one of the requirements to get 24-hour bad credit loans. After you apply for the loan, the lender will receive your application and use a computer program to analyze your details quickly to determine if you meet the basic eligibility criteria. Receiving a loan offer is the next step. And in the offer, there might be a request to submit additional documents. Here are some of these documents:

Driver’s license or government-issued id: The lender expects to verify your identity in order to avoid fraud. That’s why they may ask to see some identification documents. Utility bills: It can be a copy of your electricity, water, or gas bill. The bill bears your street address, and that is what the lender will need to verify your residency. That’s because they have licenses to operate in specific states. Payday loans are also not allowed in all jurisdictions.

Pay stubs: Also called a payslip or wage slip, this document is issued to the employee to notify them that a direct deposit to their bank account was successful. The lender might ask for pay stubs going back two to three months. They use them as verification of your current income.

Bank account statement: The bank account statement going back 30 days or more, might be required to show that you have enough cash flow to repay the one-hour payday loan you’ll obtain.

What is the best payday loan?

The best payday loan is one that favors you the most. It should be to your benefit, and not to the lender’s maximum benefit. So, how can you obtain the best 1 hour loans? We recommend checking the following features:

Interest rates: Compare different options and find the one offering the most affordable rates that will lead to a lower finance charge. Loan amount: The most appropriate loan is one that gives you the cash you need. It helps you avoid taking out multiple payday loans from different lenders, which gets quite hectic. Terms and conditions: Most people don’t take time to learn about the lender’s policies. For instance, their approach to late payments, whether they require auto payments, etc. Technology: It is another factor to consider given that we now live in a highly technological age. The best lender provides access to a mobile app or customer portal that gives users the ability to self manage.

Can you get a payday loan over the phone?

It is quite possible to encounter a 1-hour loans direct lender who can facilitate the loan application process by phone. You’ll just have to call their number and speak to the reps.

One hour payday loans from a direct lender

The direct lender is the company that will originate and service your loan. Get access to high-quality loan companies by applying through Realistic Loans. Get started by clicking “Apply Now” or fill out the short form on this page to find out if you can be approved for 1-hour payday loans. We are performing for the last seven years for our consumers and have to build up a tremendous relationship with trusted lenders.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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