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Alarming as they may sound, “high-risk loans” are not dangerous in any sort of way. They are meant to assist borrowers who may suffer from bad credit or don’t have sufficient credit history. You’ll find this loan handy during emergencies since the application process is quick and fairly easy to be approved for.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

If you’re in any financial predicament right now, learn how high-risk loans work and how to obtain them so you can apply for a personal loan right away. What are the high-risk loans?

This loan doesn’t pose a risk to the borrower. It’s the lender incurring most of the risk by lending money to consumers with a low credit score.

See, lenders want the highest level of assurance that they will get their money back. There might be certain things in the borrower’s credit history that makes them less likely to repay future debt on time.

Here is a quick table pointing out the risk indicators lenders look out for:

Low credit scores High debt-to-income ratio Low-monthly income Financial history
Caused by late payments, histories of defaults, collections, bankruptcies, frequent hard credit inquiries, etc. You might struggle to pay loan payments because most of your income goes towards existing debt payments. It may make repayments less unaffordable. Lenders need proof of the borrower’s income. They look for records of direct deposits or request recent paystubs.

Lenders need proof of the borrower’s income. They look for records of direct deposits or request recent paystubs.

Lenders need proof of the borrower’s income and so will usually require bank account statements. They look for records of direct deposits or request recent paystubs to ensure borrowers are likely to make repayments.

Who are high-risk lenders?

Traditional lenders like banks are conservative. That means that they are not willing to engage in high-risk lending. Most of their loan is offered to borrowers with good credit (high credit scores (680+), low debt-to-income ratio, stable employment income, etc).

High-risk lenders, on the other hand, dish out riskier loans. They are willing to take on people with bad credit who apply for cash despite having credit histories laden with late payments, defaults, collections, bankruptcies, evictions, and more.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

You might be wondering: what’s the catch with high-risk loans?

Well, high-risk personal loans come with higher interest rates. For instance, banks offer rates of 5.99% to 35.99%.

Online high-risk personal loans come with double-digit or triple-digit interest rates. It makes them expensive and unsuitable for traditional loan uses like debt consolidation or making big purchases.

Am I a high-risk borrower?

You’re a high risk to the lender if any of your past actions put doubts about the soundness of your creditworthiness and therefore your likelihood of approval. Some of the warning signs go beyond your credit history. Loan companies may deem your risk if you:

  • Recently changed your home address.
  • Are new to the job market or recently started a new job.
  • Insufficient work experience. For instance, banks are more comfortable lending to people with at least two years of experience in their field of work.
  • Maintain a high credit utilization on your revolving credit accounts, for instance, maxing out your credit cards.
  • Are working part-time or self-employed without tax returns going back two years. Most lenders tend to prefer permanent and full-time employees.
  • Are using forbearance or deferment to delay loan payments on student loans.
  • Have credit scores below 620.

Why choose a high-risk loan?

Choose extremely high-risk loans direct lenders in situations where your credit history means you can’t qualify for traditional loans but still need cash to cater for emergencies. However, it might be unwise to borrow high-risk loans if you’re going to make luxury-related purchases, pay recurring expenses like rent, or make big purchases like buying a motorboat.

Other potential upsides to choosing high-risk loans include:

  • No credit check – These lenders don’t order hard credit checks before approving your loan.
  • Fast loan process – Most online lenders are very fast and pre-approved you in minutes. Some companies might not even ask for further documents to be faxed. The funds are directly deposited to your checking account and are available by one business day.
  • Free quotes and no downpayment – You’re not going to pay a downpayment to receive a high-risk online loan. Similarly, there are no loan fees to be paid upfront before receiving a quote.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

What loan can I get with bad credit?

You may get a wide range of loans with bad credit. Some of the products include:

  • Payday loans – There are short-term and repaid within 4 weeks.
  • Car title loans – Offered against the value of your car.
  • Pawnshop – You have to pawn your high-value possessions in return for cash.
  • Secured loan – The lender requests for collateral such as hard cash.
  • Home equity line of credit– Your secure the fund against the equity you have in your home and get a revolving credit line for consolidating debt, making big purchases, etc.

Can I use a high-risk loan to pay off credit card debt?

You can use a high-risk loan to clear card debt but the loan must fulfill one condition:

“The interest rate for the high-risk loan must be lower than the APR of the existing credit card account.”

For instance, the average credit card rate is 17%. If you’re going to get high-risk personal loans with a rate of 30%, it doesn’t make sense using it to clear the debt.

Alternatives to high-risk loans

High-risk loans with high-interest rates are not the only options you have in an emergency. You might even avoid getting a new loan because you have several open credit accounts with the option to take out a cash advance, or because you don’t want to pay the high-interest rates. Other options include:

  • Borrowing from friends or family.
  • Speaking to your creditors to create repayment plans.
  • Asking for a salary advance at work.
  • Getting a cosigner when applying with a bank.
  • Seeking cash from credit unions.
  • Engaging with charities and organizations that offer assistance with rent, medical bills, child care costs, etc.
  • Community resources.

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Applying does NOT affect

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