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What is Loan without a Collateral?

Worrying about your credit situation and how it may stop you from qualifying for an unsecured loan? Well, it is a situation that plagues millions of Americans. See, based on 2017 score data, about 4.7% of adults eligible for credit have FICO scores of 300 to 499. Another saddening stat is that 6.8% of adults fall into the range of 500 to 549.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

Those with scores ranging from 550 to 650 make up 18.5% of borrowers. The stats tell us that 30% of borrowers can’t hope for much success when it comes to traditional forms of borrowing, e.g., a personal loan from the bank. That’s a huge chunk of consumers who can’t land the best rates or find credit as easily as consumers with better credit scores.

What are second chance personal loans with no collateral?

Your credit score results when your credit report is examined, and good behaviors & practices are rewarded, and negative actions are punished. For instance, if you pay your loan promptly, the dates you repaid are recorded in your credit report, and when it’s subjected to a scoring algorithm, the program gives you more points hence a higher score.

An example of a negative indicator in your credit report is, for instance, racking up numerous and frequent hard credit checks. In that case, it is a negative mark, which takes off points from you, hence leading to a low score. Making late payments and applying for too many accounts at once lie credit cards, are both negative actions.

Banks tend to be strict with how they lend cash and to who they lend that money. By having low credit, the bank will essentially develop doubts that you can repay their cash once they lend it to you. Now, would it be awesome to find a lender that grants you a second chance?

That’s essentially the whole premise of these products, and here is a breakdown of each term in the heading above:

a. Second Chance: The lender is willing to bypass your past history with debt, and therefore, give you another chance to borrow cash from them. In addition, they promise to treat you like a customer who is in good standing. For instance, second chance lenders, don’t order a hard pull of your credit report. They might carry out a soft pull or check that is not recorded, therefore, it doesn’t reduce your scores.

b. Personal Loan: You use the sum borrowed for your individual uses and you’re solely responsible for paying it back. There are many places you can get a personal loan. Now, if your FICO scores are not good, you can approach a credit union or alternative online lender. Membership to the credit union is required before you can take out a loan with them. You can even find a credit union that caters to customers who have run into financial challenges in the past.

c. No Collateral: If you loan your friend some cash, you’ll fee secure if she grants you the right to sell her car in case she can’t payback. With most personal loans, you don’t have to secure the loan. That goes for a personal loan you obtain from a credit union, bank, or alternative online lender.

What type of collateral do I need while applying for unsecured loans?

The fact is you don’t require to pledge any property for no collateral loans. For a secured loan, like a home equity line of credit, the loan is secured against the borrower’s equity in the home. When you borrow a car title loan, the lender can repossess the car in case you can’t keep up with the repayments.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

How to get approved for unsecured loans for bad credit?

With unsecured personal loans bad credit, getting approved is quite simple if you go with an alternative lender. So how can you spot an online lender? Here are the characteristics of these companies:

FICO Score Common products Mode of lending Affordability
Focuses on customers with scores of 620 to 320. Payday loans, line of credit, personal loans. Online, but few have networks of cash stores. Most charge higher rates because of the risk

Can I get no-collateral personal loans?

If you need a personal loan from an online lender, you can get approved if you meet these requirements when applying:

  • Be 18 years and above. (In states like Alabama and Nebraska you must be 19 years old).
  • Have a stable source of income such as a job where you’re paid on consistent dates of the month through direct deposits. They are easier to verify than income paid out in cash.
  • Most lenders prefer that you have a checking account that’s active and can receive electronic payments. You might receive a request to set up automatic payments.
  • The loan company will need a way to reach you, so you have to provide an active phone number and email.

The income required to apply for a personal loan is quite low, you can be making $750 and get approved by an online lender. A credit union could be stricter with its requirements, and banks go above and beyond, to offer credit only to the most qualified borrowers.

What should I know about unsecured personal loans?

First and foremost, determine if you can afford the monthly payments for your personal loan. It’s not worth it to borrow a loan with a high monthly payment that you’ll struggle to repay. Unlike a credit card where you can make minimum payments, the monthly payment for a personal loan is fixed.

Another thing to know is how to calculate the monthly payment amount, interest amount, etc. Now you don’t need to perform complex calculations. There are free calculators that can help. All you have to know is the loan amount, APR, and loan terms.

For instance, take it that you want to borrow a loan amount of $12000 at an APR of 18% for 60 months. Using a calculator, the monthly payment is $304.72, total interest $6283 and the amount repaid is $18,283.

What other alternatives are available?

  • Credit union payday alternative loan.
  • Payday loans.
  • Personal loan from credit union, bank, or company.
  • Line equity of credit.
  • Refinancing.
  • Working an extra job.

Applying does NOT affect

your FICO® credit score!

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